Monday, 12 November 2012

TORQUE: The Beast

So when I said "Saturday we are having a mammoth rehearsal day", "mammoth" was an understatement.... Thirteen hours. And we only left then because it's Sunday and the last tube was leaving at half eleven. What a beast.

You will be pleased to know that we used those thirteen hours effectively. The morning was spent working on the remainder of the final scenes and get them up and running. We managed to get them on their feet, with a good bit of discussion as well, but by 2pm I was definitely ready for lunch.

I wasn't the only one having this thought; when lunchtime came we all rushed next door to the pub and ordered a roast! And when our food arrived, silence descended on the table as we marvelled at our bounty, particularly the Yorkshire Puddings that could quite easily be worn as a hat.

"Oh bother"
Back in the rehearsal room, and stuffed with food, we all got a bit silly. Bradley got stuck in the set like Pooh Bear, and none of us could hold it together through the fart scene. But we managed a stagger through, and a couple of run throughs. We had a  visitor in the room for the later part of the evening to give us fresh eyes and to see if everything makes sense and he raised some interesting points. Now we can see the piece as a whole, Bradley and I can tell the bits that need tweaking, and Dwane and Kate can feel where they're not quite sure of things and what character stuff they need to develop a bit more.

"Character stuff" that was articulate. It's been a long day, okay!!

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