Friday, 9 November 2012

TORQUE: The Science of Farting

It's a play with a deaf character, of course there's going to be a fart joke! What do you take me for...

This led to some of the funniest discussions and directions I have ever heard, and it turns out Bradley knows a frightening amount about the science of farting...

It all started because I had asked whether Bradley had a sound effect for the fart, which he didn't as none sounded realistic enough. So, for the purposes of rehearsing, someone would make the noise when needed. The scene was set, we were serious and ready to go, and then Dwane made the most realistic fart noise I have ever heard in my life and we all fell apart. Especially when in response to one which particularly made us cackle, Dwane turned around and said "I don't think I can do that again. That one even surprised me."

With a lot of laughter, Bradley was then asking Dwane to offer him options, so Dwane was let rip making all different types of fart noises, whilst Bradley sat there with his head back and eyes closed saying things like "too tight", "too loose" and "too much like a trumpet".

It's Kate's character who actually does the fart, so we then had to pair the fart noises with 'fart acting', which is when Bradley started dropping his knowledge bombs. For example, you can't fart on a flat surface, you have to have a little lean to the side in order to relieve the pressure for it to escape. To demonstrate this Bradley's direction was "There is that moment of [he leans] 'oh there it is' and carry on."

Also, apparently you can't breathe and fart at the same time. I reckon that's one to test at home, kids.

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