Tuesday, 6 November 2012

TORQUE: Return of the Writer

Another rehearsal yesterday, and I was so pleased to be back. Having missed the last two rehearsals because of work and seeing a play with Nick Clegg (seriously, I did), I felt a little disconnected from it all. The idea, script and characters have been mine-all-mine for so long, and now they belong to three other people as well... It's just so sad thinking of rehearsals carrying on without me!

Writer's insecurities aside, it was lovely to be back to see how they're diddling. They're diddling good, if you were wondering. At the moment they're stringing everything together, trying to work out transitions and generally getting scenes on their feet. I'm looking forward to the next rehearsal, because the plan is to have all the scenes on their feet by then! Exciting stuff.

It was a funny one today. In one of the recent rewrites, I wanted to see how dirty talk would work in sign language, so I wrote a scene in which Man comes home drunk and horny to a less than impressed Woman. And then poor Dwane had to play it! Added to that, we had Michael Delaney, a very talented photographer, in rehearsals to take some photos. It was fortunate timing... weird humping should always be captured on camera.

Oo! Also! I think I might have tackled the ending! Tackled it to the ground until it cried mercy. As I wrote in a previous post, I've needed to tie up the Bush Bounce script a little short of the full story, so the ending has been bothering me. How do I finish something without it being the end? How do I still raise all the issues I want to raise whilst having to leave out certain scenes? I think I have found a simple solution, and if that doesn't work then I have an alternative or five. But I'm hoping it works. I spent a whole day working on it, which involved much cutting, rewriting, and eating toast in bed with my laptop and staring into the middle distance whilst talking to myself.

So for future reference, when I say I'm "writing", you can pretty much guarantee I'm in my pyjamas talking to myself.

The thing is, I've started talking to myself in public places as well, so when you see me in my pyjamas on the train we'll know that the madness has really taken its hold...

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