Tuesday, 13 November 2012

TORQUE: The Last Rehearsal 2

Okay I know I said that the last post was the last post, but I can't resist.

I've just got home from tonight's rehearsal, in which we revisited every scene adding in more detail and clarity. And then we had a dress run! And I am so pleased with it! Dwane and Kate have found an excellent balance between fun and sentiment; it has come to life in ways I never envisaged, and the music cues are fabulous. Honestly, I'm going to be embarrassing myself singing along and throwing some shapes during the performance.

And I'm really excited about how the audience respond to the sign language. It has been something I've always been around, but it will be completely alien to some of the audience members, so we've had fun playing around with how much is clear. Some he purely signs, some he signs with a bit of voice with it, and a little he purely voices and I think we've struck a good balance. Just got to wait and see what they say, I guess!

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