Thursday, 25 October 2012

TORQUE: The First Rehearsal

Placebo were wrong; it doesn't all break down at the first rehearsal. Thank Heavens.

First rehearsals are always quite scary. It's the first time the 'team' are together, and in our case it's also the first time the actors met and the first time the script has been read out loud - triply nerve-racking! You put time and your heart into a script, but there is still no guarantee that it will work.

Bradley led some games, a few exercises and then we had a read through. And another read through. And a read through/sign through. Watching the sign through was incredible. It gives it an entirely new dimension, which is what I was hoping for! The actors were knackered by the end - Bradley is a hard-working Director and expects the same from his actors - but I was so excited I giggled pretty much all the way through.

A lot came out in the exercises and discussions that I would like to explore more, like... although it is so simple, when mirroring is done properly it is quite extraordinary to watch. So today I'm re-writing in preparation for the second rehearsal tonight. So stop distracting me, I need to write!

Tomorrow, I'll come baring gifts...

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