Monday, 15 October 2012


Last week I applied for a brief on IdeasTap called Bush Bounce, which wanted performance ideas (of any discipline) at any stage of development that responded to the words SIGHT, SOCIETY and SOUND. The prize was mentoring and development with The Bush Theatre and for the idea to be performed in the Bush Theatre as part of Bush Bounce 2 (RADAR Festival). A very exciting prospect!

I’d had an idea a few months ago that I wanted to develop, but wasn’t quite sure how it would work, if it would work, and life inevitably got in the way as I became busy with other things. However, it responded perfectly to the brief of Sight, Society and Sound. I wrote my bid, applied, and on Friday I found out I was one of six successful applicants! Honestly, I was so exited I did a little dance.

My idea, entitled TORQUE, revolves around a man and a woman; one character is deaf, and the other has never come in contact with sign language before. Is it possible to understand another person on a fundamental level, without being able to have a conversation? I’m interested in exploring the safety of communicating knowing the other person won’t understand. What secrets might you tell if you knew the other person couldn’t hear a word you were saying? Underlining this, however, I want to ask a difficult question: can a relationship between an able and a disabled person ever be equal?

Since Friday I have a director on board - Bradley Leech - who I have known for years and together we have started our production company: Unbound Productions. We also have an actor on board who signs and a designer working on a poster, so we have just the female part left to cast!

It's a terrifying prospect - take an idea from conception to performance in a month. Also, stage a play that is half in sign language for a predominately hearing audience. How much will they understand? How much do I want them to understand? It's a huge task ahead, but the subject matter means a lot to me. It will be my heart and soul on stage next month.

Tickets are free, but have to be booked, so if you'd like to attend - book now!

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