Sunday, 21 October 2012

TORQUE: The Floor Plan

Heavens to Betsy has it been a busy couple of days!

On Friday night Bradley and I met with James, our poster designer, for a few drinks at the pub. James had some great thoughts, and some beautiful images already drawn up for us. We threw some ideas about, the boys had some boy-talk, James made dirty jokes, I ate some hummus, and I'm really happy with the design we've decided upon. I will upload the finished product here once we have it but, suffice to say, I'm excited.

And then yesterday we held auditions for the part of 'Woman' (I know, what an imaginative name...) which was very exciting. At one point during the six hours we were there, the building's caretaker turned up with a Henry Hoover and was effing and blinding in the corridor about the Saturday school spreading crisps crumbs everywhere, whilst our auditionees were trying to prepare in the next room... It was so absurd, we were beside ourselves laughing... the height of professionalism as always! I will put the cast list up here when it's finalised.

But today... today is a rare, WONDERFUL day where I don't have a shift at work, I don't have any meetings to attend, I have no need to leave the house and I can wear pyjamas ALL DAY. And by Jove will I. I'm spending today playing with the structure of the play, and working out what bits of the script will be performed at the the Bush, which bits will be for the development of the play as full-length, and which bits are just for me.

This involves a lot of printing, cutting and sticking, and then arranging and rearranging as takes my fancy.

Not all of that will be performed next month, as our slot at the Bush is only 15-20 minutes, but understanding the overall structure of the play helps me work out what those minutes will comprise of. And also, doing it like this is really fun. If I want to cut something, I literally cut it out. Old school stylee.

My printer has run out of black ink, so it's all in blue and green. I quite like that though - it matches the carpet.

Click me. Dare you.

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