Monday, 29 October 2012

TORQUE: The Third Rehearsal

On the advice of Sabrina (Mahfouz, Associate Artist of the Bush Theatre and mentor to the Bush Bouncers) I decided to take my big shiny camera to rehearsals last night to have some photos to send to producers and theatres once Bush Bounce is over. I've asked a photographer to come in for some rehearsals to take some good photos but I don't get to use my camera all that often so I thought I'd have a go!

We played some games with a pritt stick (resourceful!) with a bit of mind-bending 'throw-to-someone-but-say-the-name-of-the-person-on-their-left'. Kate and Dwane did some hilarious improvisations exploring how to communicate when all the rules of communications are removed, like trying to complete an objective but only being able to speak in opposites and positives, or only being able to speak in gibberish.

Dwane and Kate

The script is split into two 'realities' that interlink throughout, and so far Bradley has focused on the scenes that take place at a club/bar. I had some time to write yesterday and completed the club story, and we worked on putting them in with the scenes already worked out. At one point it got very complicated as Bradley and I - in keeping with the topic of course - hadn't understood one another, ending up in a circular argument until we realised that we didn't actually disagree on anything!

But, with the help of Dwane and Kate, it has all come together, and we spent the last hour of the rehearsal in the dark with music blaring to replicate a club environment. Twelve hours into rehearsals, it feels good to have the backbone of the play sorted.

Kate, Bradley and Dwane

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